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I'm loving everything about it. You know, these rules could be taken over the top with an excellently illustrated set of cards of frogs and rapiers. I would, most assuredly, purchase a print copy if it existed, perhaps even a few so I could hand them out to compatriots of like mind. Well done!

Thank you so much for the kind words! Stay tuned, as I might be kickstarting some decks with updated art real real soon :D

This looks fantastic!  The art is so good.

Thanks, Tim! I appreciate the compliment :)

"Frog and Toad Stab Shit" is a great look.

This could easily be MOSAIC Strict - very elegant (appropriately so!).  Super fun mini-game that could dovetail nicely with ANY game.  Really brilliant design!

Thank you so much for the kind words, Michael!

I was looking for something like this for so long! Thank you for making it!
As an aside: are these rules open for hacking/modified inclusion in other projects and, if so, what are the requirements/restrictions on it?


Thanks, Raul! You can hack/modify/use this system for your own stuff so long as you include appropriate attribution (eg, a link to this page) and get my permission beforehand. Which... uh, I hereby give you. Go forth with the Frogmother's blessing!

Excellent artwork and slick card-system, really fun!

Frogs are best at fight! This is the cutest little tool I've seen. I love toolkit games because they let you expand on other rules-lite games when you need a little more structure.

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Very cool system ! It reminds me of the RPS in Torchbearer. It's very hackable (suits : media, national politics, economy, police). What would it look like to play a skirmish this way ? (etc.)

err. : the sample table displays a -2/+2 for red and blue when it should be a -1.

typography : The I character could be replaced with a 1 without losing much.

Thank you, DeReel! Good catch, I've uploaded a new version with the arena strip fixed.

I will be also be adding an addendum for "translating" the system to settings/conflicts exactly like what you mentioned, so stay tuned!