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Hi Rob ! there is a french fan-made translation of your game.

Would you be interested in publishing it on this page?


Absolutely! Please post a link here and I’ll update the game page.


Hello. I am the translator of your game in French with angela-quidam for proofreading. Here is the link of the PDF and e-pub version. I loved translating your game. Thank you.

just saw this game, any link with yours?

Nope, not as far as I know

but it's very similar


It does seem similar from the outside, but I haven't read it yet. I'm doing a review series this month on Twitter, and I'll probably review Castle of Memories bc it was suggested in a Discord I'm on, so I'll see how close it is then. It's possible that Adrian was either inspired by my game or maybe it's a case of "multiple discovery." Will be interesting to break it open and see what makes it tick.

While the art and presentation of the game is gorgeous, I personally struggle to understand the core motivation for playing the game. Judging by the rules the player is completely at mercy of random chance and this chance is clearly very biased against survival of the player.


Thank you for the kind words on the art!

To answer your question: every playthrough will be different, depending on the roll of the dice, the shuffle of the deck, and how the player reacts to the prompts. The layout out of your castle and your escapee's memories will be unique. Mechanical player choice is mostly limited to what items you find and when you use them, but the goal is not necessarily to "beat" the castle so much as have a good time discovering its dangers and uncovering your escapee's history. Think of the cards (and the events on them) more as journaling, improv, or creative writing prompts than mechanical puzzles that you can solve with tactical play.

Such a great game that I NEED to see as part of a game jam soon. Please make an SRD! 

Read our review here:

Thank you so much!

Regarding an SRD: SOON


I love that game so much. Even more than the first of your trilogy :D

That... I am drawn to heresia. Do you think... It could be played with a group? How could this work? :D

Thank you for the kind words!

Playing it with a group would be an interesting challenge. You could probably use the character playbooks and resolution mechanic from Demon Castle Dracula with the castle-building deck mechanic and prompts from Escape.

Hmmm... maybe I'll try that...


True, it would work like a charm :3

But I admit that I appreciate Escape's resolution mechanic even more.

So fast, so effective, so evocative!

What an absolutely killer game!! The mechanics are so fun and inventive and straightforward – totally accessible to anyone, and the book is absolutely beautiful to read through. The art is gorgeous and moody, the descriptions set such a creepy-yet-majestic tone, and I had a blast playing this. One of the most unique tabletops I've played, and now permanently one of my favorites.

Wow, thank you! I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

Not played it yet however the art is I credible and the format is beautiful. Well done

Thank you! I hope you get a chance to play it!


THE ART! The Layout! This pdf bleeds style and tone right out of the device of your choice.


Can't think of a better escape during these isolating times. Really enjoy the work of this creator, and I think this setting is fantastic. Everything is very accessible to new players, in terms of gameplay and the lore. Worth checking out on a cold winter's night!

PS: It's worth it to play with the candles if you can!


Love love love this game. I've been wanting more solo play during the pandemic and this is perfect. Immersive and and the quality of writing (not to mention visual design) is amazing. Well done!


I've been following nerdypapergames for awhile and I've always been impressed with their refined game mechanics and amazing artwork. Looking forward to playing this for a long time to come!


DEFINITELY try and go candles only! It really sets the mood. This was fucking awesome.

I tried but I'm too blind! I could see it really making a difference though