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Just had a great evening playing the game. One questions or mayme feedback: Kilgores Strikethrough mentions "orcs". Shouldn´t that be ogres? Is this a bug or a feature ;-)

Whoa, good catch! That's a typo, thanks for letting me know :) I'll have to fix that and upload a new version.

Hi Rob, I plan on running your game some time very soon - of course I have to as I love Lady Blackbird, PbtA mechanics and fantasy :)

Anyway, I'm not quite sure if I understand the MEMORY SCENES correctly. Are they intended you be played strictly narratively and without rolling dice? Will the group decide as a whole on the content of the memory or is it the job of the player(s) related to the memory (as long as they have an idea and don't ask for other input)? So taken together, I'm wondering if these MEMORY SCENES are playable scenes or if they are mostly a narrative tool to generate elaborate background information.

I'd appreciate some input on that :) cheers!


Thank you, I hope you enjoy the game!

To answer your question: you can roll during the memory scenes if you want to—sometimes a little RNG helps you work out the story. But their primary purpose is to flesh out the characters’ backstories, their relationships to one another, and the setting in general. To that end, I usually run them as the main character or characters the memory revolves around get the most narrative control, and as the GM I just ask lots of questions.


This is something I want to play.

First, the story starts with an intriguing prompt. Then, the characters are all distinctive, full of character and open enough to add your own vibe.

The system is simple and based on Lady Blackbird & Dungeon World. There's many little things I like about it (the rule of Cool, the open-ness), but it's mainly the structure that got me. Alternating between Journey (Now) and Memories (Then) is a great idea. A really great one!

Last, but not least, the game is full of questions. Meaningful questions. Even ones that can be stolen for other games.

A great piece !


Wow, thank you for the kind words! If you get the chance to play, please report back and let me know how it went!