Replay and player resources incoming!

Had an excellent playtest last night that highlighted a few spots where the mechanics worked buuuut players could use a little more guidance on things like pacing. So I'm currently editing a "replay" that I will make available as a separate document.

Replays are common in Japanese ttrpgs; they read like a transcript of a session, but edited for clarity and often with designer notes or other info embedded in the margins.

I will also be releasing a one-page player's aid for people to lean on during play.

So stay tuned!


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Any word on the Replay document? Looking forward to seeing how you intend this game to be played! :)


Replay doc is still on the way, thank you for asking. The session I was originally editing used the old ruleset, so we're recording a new session and will make that publicly available.

Just wondering if you are still planning to put up a replay document? Or is the actual play video taking its place?

This is going to replace it, at least for now. The written replay document was just taking forever to complete.