Space Bounty Blues Playtest Recording

Hi all! Several people have asked for a recorded Space Bounty Blues session so they can grok the intended rhythm of the game. So, uh... this is that!

This is a recording of a playtest of the most recent version of Space Bounty Blues featuring myself (Rob Hebert), Tomer “Tomes” Gurantz, Kurt Potts, and Gene Astadan (who created the Space Bounty Blues character keeper in Google Sheets). A huge HUGE thank you to all of them for playing and for allowing me to make this recording public. 

Please note that this is really more of an educational document for understanding the flow of Space Bounty Blues and not a particularly entertaining piece of narrative audio in its own right. We didn’t plan anything beforehand and we aren’t professional streamers. There are a couple of spots where we deviate slightly from the rules-as-written or forget some minor thing, but it’s highly probably that your own table will experience much of the same :)

CW: physical violence, alcohol, firearms, foul language, mental health


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Nice. I wasn't able to listen to it all in one sitting though, so I'll have to go back and dedicate a couple of quiet hours to it. :)

One thing that jumped out at me was the mention of taking a BOTCH on a roll to earn a Flash Point. This has been in the rules for a while now, but I couldn't help wondering about that rule. I know it can be cool to fail sometimes, but is this something that works in a game where you're very likely only going to get to roll twice?