New Rules, More Guidance

Wow, thank you to everyone who has downloaded, played, and reviewed Space Bounty Blues! Your feedback has been invaluable.

I've just uploaded the newest version, which incorporates a few big updates: more explicit mechanics for starting scenes and swinging the spotlight, an overhauled HOLD/HEAD OUT system (special shoutout to admutt), and more guidance for playing SOLOS.

I've also uploaded a single-page version of pdf as requested. A printer-friendly version is on its way.

The "replay" document is still in editing (it's taking longer to clean it up than I expected) and the player aid should be finished very soon.

Thanks, everyone!


spacebountybluesv210215.pdf 30 MB
Feb 15, 2021
spacebountybluessinglepage.pdf 31 MB
Feb 15, 2021


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